My Thoughts on Todd Gurley for 2015

One of the things I look for in a good running back is how many times they are getting the ball.

I want someone who is going to get pounded the rock game in and game out.

Guess who is one of those players?

Todd Gurley.

If you were willing to take the risk and draft him in the mid rounds it is now going to pay off for you.

Would starting his first two games in the NFL he rushed for over hundred 40 yards in both games. You also Touch the ball over 50 times in both of those games.

As I mentioned before if there’s anything that I am solely looking for any fantasy running back and sat there in spoon fed the ball every single game.

There are a lot of running backs in the league. Are on the field, but they are not getting spoonfed the rock. I want people who are going to be getting the ball every opportunity so that they can having opportunity to be able to make play.

Simply put, if your guys not touching a rock comment you’re talking of you getting fantasy points. You don’t get fantasy points for blocking and running routes. You get fantasy points for touchdowns in yards and catches.

So let’s all sit back, relax, and enjoy that we have Todd Gurley for the remainder of the season.